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A strategic approach to the optimization of your digitization process is absolutely necessary. Only in this way will you remain relevant and be able to focus on your core activities. Our application management services play an important role in reducing the Total Cost of Ownership.


Our very own creation: AppLabs

AppLabs is the extension of your IT Department for Application Availability and Delivery. AppLabs works with a collection of crystallized processes and techniques that enable us to work very efficiently and quickly, this will result in a fast turnaround time, high quality and low costs. You decide which part of the packaging process, which package or service you want to outsource.




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We guarantee that your business applications will run optimally and cost-efficiently. Dilaco has a great team of the best Application Packaging consultants. We can manage your applications on-site and/or off-site.


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Based on interviews, measurements and an extensive scan, your organization will gain a good insight into the applications and workstations that are actually being used.

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Bpost migration from Windows version 7 to 10

As part of this migration, more than 300 applications had to be converted to the latest version.  Although an application packaging team was in place, Bpost also looked at alternatives given the existing workload and the great speed with which the conversion had to be carried out.


Instead of hiring additional consultants on the project, Dilaco was selected to package the applications remotely and deliver them quickly and correctly to the Bpost organization. The great flexibility of Dilaco's Off-site Packaging solution, AppLabs, made it easy to scale up and down as the situation required. In this way, work could be done efficiently and an enormous cost saving was realized.


Dilaco was able to meet the demand very well; packages were delivered quickly and accurately within the agreed timeframe and on a fixed price basis.

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