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AppLabs is your one-stop solution for your entire application management, offering support in application packaging, software metering and more.

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Application Management

Supports your IT department in the entire application lifecycle.

AppLabs supports:

  • Intake;
  • Packaging;
  • UAT;
  • Deployment.


Gives you insight into your entire application landscape.

AppScan supports:

  • Software metering;
  • License management;
  • Application usage information.

Migration Assist

Makes your migration as smooth as possible.

Examples of possible migrations:

  • MS SCCM to MS Intune;
  • Physical to Cloud.

About AppLabs

AppLabs a one-stop solution for your Application Management, including Application Lifecycle Management, Software Metering, and Migration Assistance, among other services. The team at AppLabs is a group of experts, each with their own area of expertise, working together to provide the best service and quality for your company.

Why you need to be on top of your Application Management

A well managed application infrastructure offers significant benefits such as improved efficiency, enhanced user experience, reduced costs and strengthened cyber security. Because of these essential advantages, proficient application management plays a critical role in achieving business goals and long-term growth.

Application Lifecycle Management

AppLabs is an extension of your IT department and works with proven processes and techniques that enable us to work very efficiently and quickly. Our experts are familiar with almost every technique and are able to adapt to new ones very quickly. This results in a fast delivery time, high first-time-right percentage and low costs. We can support your IT department in the entire application lifecycle, for example by:

  • Creating intakes;
  • Creating packages;
  • Deploying applications;
  • Supervising in testing.

You decide which part of the process and which package or service you want to outsource. This way you can scale our service depending on the demand within your company.


What is AppScan?

The AppScan is a software metering service offered by AppLabs. Here at AppLabs we don’t just offer you a tool, our experts will sit down with you to identify all of your needs and adjust and install the service accordingly. When we have gathered all the information, you will receive a report that is fully customised to your needs. You can then use this information to make adjustments and reduce costs immediately with a very high ROI.

What is software metering?

Software metering is used to monitor and control software usage within an organisation. It helps companies keep track of which software applications are being used, by whom, and for how long. This information can then be used to optimise software licensing, ensure compliance, find malicious software and reduce costs.

Also works for cloud applications!

We understand that the evolving landscape of modern businesses increasingly rely on cloud-based solutions. That’s why we have extended AppScan’s capabilities to the cloud.

This unique feature will give you insight into the usage patterns of online applications, empowering you to monitor software usage across both traditional and cloud-based systems.

Migration Assist

How can Migration Assist support your IT department?

The migration of applications can be very demanding. AppLabs can support your IT department during these intensive projects; you decide how much of the process you wish to outsource. Our team has the expertise and resources to take responsibility over the entire process or support you with the desired smaller parts.

What is software migration?

As technology evolves, companies often need to upgrade their software systems or workspaces to keep pace with new features and capabilities. This process, known as software migration, can be complex and time-consuming, but is essential for organisations to remain competitive and efficient. The last few years many companies have migrated their on-premise systems to the cloud. Common migrations are SCCM to Intune or App-V to AVD.

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