Dilaco and Secureworks: partnering for robust cyber defence

Delivering the best in cyber security

The importance of robust cybersecurity cannot be overstated in our constantly evolving digital world. Dilaco and Secureworks have worked together since July 2021, and now they are collaborating even more closely to deliver the best cyber defence for clients.

When Wim Kretzers, currently CEO, started as a Head of Sales & Marketing at Dilaco, he recognised Secureworks was the right partner to offer Dilaco’s clients a comprehensive cybersecurity solution, to ensure a secure and resilient digital eco-system. Wim states “I already knew of Secureworks before I joined Dilaco, and I believe the solutions they provide have significant potential.”

They immediately formed a partnership which has gone from strength to strength. According to Willem Magerman (CTO at Dilaco), Dilaco and Secureworks are not only able to deliver the best IT cybersecurity solutions, but they are going a step further to apply their services to Operations Technology (OT).

Cybersecurity in OT has many challenges. Often, the systems are spread across multiple locations and connected to a variety of networks. Often this means a lack of visibility across the entire network end to end. The result for organisations is difficulty identifying and assessing threats to effectively mitigate risk. Secureworks and Dilaco create a 360° view of the network, even in these challenging environments. Furthermore, they offer an open solution, which can be easily integrated into the existing technology in the customer environment.


Why does this partnership work? 

The partnership has strong benefits for both Dilaco and Secureworks. Together they can meet the needs of organisations across Belgium with a best in class Managed XDR offering.


Who are Secureworks?

Secureworks® (NASDAQ: SCWX) detects ever-changing threats and defends against them with a combination of security analytics and human intelligence. With superior detection, unmatched response, and architecture that’s open without compromise, customers get higher security with the highest ROI.

Who are Dilaco?

Founded in 1996, Dilaco is an information technology and services company with over 200+ IT Specialists. Dilaco’s technical expertise and experience allow them to understand the needs of an organization’s specific sector, promoting innovation and optimizing the technology’s use. They develop tailored specialized solutions to ensure growth by relieving end-users of their IT problems.



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