Liquit and Dilaco joining forces to improve application management

Martijn Gevers, Country Manager of Dilaco NL

January 2023 marked the formalization of a partnership between Liquit, the developer of a unique application management platform, and Dilaco NL, an IT and service provider that focusses predominantly on application management.


In order to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of software applications, good application management is vital for every organization. Gevers, Country Manager of the Dilaco team in The Netherlands, explains: “It’s imperative that we take a strategic approach towards the optimization of every client’s digitization process. That’s the only way you remain relevant and focused on your core activities. In many cases, application management services play an important role in reducing the Total Cost of Ownership of the customers’ application landscape”.

The importance of a smooth integration of application management into a customer’s existing IT environment cannot be overstated. The fact that Liquit and Dilaco have shared a belief in the power of integration is one of the reasons why this collaboration makes so much sense.


About Liquit

Founded in The Netherlands, Liquit developed end-to-end software to make application management easy. Thanks to their unique fully customizable platform, organizations can deliver all applications and their access smoothly, reducing common inconveniences for the end-users and lessening the workload of the IT teams.

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About Dilaco

Dilaco is an information technology and services company founded in 1996, with more than 200+ IT Specialists. Dilaco makes use of technical expertise and experience to understand the needs of a company’s specific sector and stimulate innovation and maximize the use of technology. Dilaco develops tailor-made ideas to ensure growth by relieving end-users of their IT problems.


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