A new look for Dilaco

IT provider, Dilaco, chooses a new look and a new approach after its 24 years of existence in the IT world. “Not only do we need to keep up to date with the latest technological possibilities, but we also need to modernise our image to the outside world in a timely manner,” says Helena Das, marketing manager at Dilaco. “It’s a new logical step in an even better direction for Dilaco, given the growth we’re currently experiencing.”

More specifically, Dilaco’s new jacket includes a new logo and a new website. In addition – thanks to the arrival of the CEO, Jeff de Kleijn, in August 2019 – Dilaco enjoys an internal restructuring with numerous new possibilities and services, interesting for both customers and employees.


Jeff de Kleijn has been the head of Dilaco since August 2019 and is seen as the right manager to guide Dilaco within the latest technological evolutions. He has held management and board positions at major international technology companies in Asia for many years, including Canon and HP. These experiences have undoubtedly helped Jeff to create a strategic vision for Dilaco’s development in the short, medium and long term.

New approach

A new CEO comes with a new and improved structure. Dilaco no longer only offers IT Outsourcing and IT Consulting, but chooses to expand within each field. For example, IT Consulting will be supplemented with specific services such as cyber security, software development, infrastructure services, cloud and grid computing and data integration and AI. Dilaco already possesses the knowledge and expertise, so the implementation was actually a long time coming. A practice lead will be appointed for each service in order to optimally follow up these services.

In addition to the new services for our (potential) customers, Jeff de Kleijn is also thinking about the growth and fun for the employees. Employer branding is highly valued for this and started with the introduction of the hashtag #dilacotogether, supplemented with a great New Year’s reception among the employees. Moreover, from now on the employees will enjoy a huge range of training courses within the Dilaco Academy, founded by Quincy Van Kerkhoven, competence manager at Dilaco.

New logo and new website

In order to continue Dilaco’s new energy, the logo and website were modernized. First and foremost, a circle of harmonious unity was chosen. It is Dilaco’s task to increase the circle of cooperation and pleasure so that all projects and Dilaco as a whole are included.

The overarching circle contains 2 important parts. On the one hand, the employees who build together the success story of the company. On the other hand, the customers.

Another way of looking at the logo is the collaboration on 2 umbrella services offered by Dilaco and which we work on as a team: IT outsourcing and IT consulting.