IT Service Management

IT service management tools are important for infrastructure and operational organisations to deliver IT services. Dilaco uses ServiceNow to optimise productivity and transform IT across the enterprise into a unified platform. ServiceNow delivers digital workflows that create great experiences and improve efficiency for employees and the organization. We simplify the complexity of work on a single enterprise cloud platform.


IT Service Desk

A well-managed service desk offers you a strategic advantage today. Dilaco offers your company the possibility to outsource all or part of your IT infrastructure to our team of experts with a fixed contract. Based on your needs and objectives, Dilaco's Shared & Dedicated Service Desk works to deliver smarter services, solves problems faster, boosts (cost) efficiency, increases productivity and continuity of your organisation.


Shared Service Desk

Within our shared service desk, you benefit from help desk support that manages calls for your company as well as for other companies. This is an advantageous shared model for companies with a lower or less predictable call volume or for companies that have to deal with seasonal call patterns. This shared model can thus save money and our help desk providers take the burden off your hands and those of your staff when there is a sudden increase in the number of calls.

  • Cost-effective, because of the minimum support
  • Customer satisfaction
  • 3 language support (NL - ENG - FR)
  • 24/7 accessibility via our selfhelp portal ServiceNow
  • Windows & Office 365

Dedicated Service Desk

Our dedicated support model is a helpdesk provider that focuses exclusively on your business. This model is recommended when your company has higher call volumes as a result of outsourced customer support services, such as: helpdesk, order processing, stock tracking, etc. If your company prefers the predictability of fixed rates, the dedicated support model is an attractive option.


Full outsourcing of the Service Desk


Full support of ITIL


Incident-, problem- &
change management


Release &

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is the one central process responsible for providing knowledge to IT documentation and service management processes. The process itself ensures that all IT information, used in IT technical and Service Management documents, follow a knowledge lifecycle, stored in a Service Knowledge Management System, is kept current and readily available.

Knowledge lifecycle:

  • Creation / Propose
  • Review
  • Approve / Publish
  • Knowledge in use / effectiveness measured
  • Revision
  • Retire

IT Field Services


Keep up with the rapidly evolving market and keep your employees motivated by working with well-functioning devices, new technologies and support. Dilaco technicians are always at your disposal to carry out hardware and software repairs, as well as continuous optimization of your workplace on site or/and at your telework location.

Our qualified System Engineers carry out hardware and software interventions with you on a daily basis (Break and Fix services, IMACD activities or Smart Hands On-Site). We also work with partners who guarantee the daily delivery of packages and small technical interventions. The technical teams are trained and certified so that they always have the highest level of expertise in the latest technologies. This is a quality guarantee for you.


Solution corner


Walk-in technical


Help for your


No phone calls,
no need to wait

Asset Management

Software and hardware components underlie every product or service you offer. It is important to properly manage these underlying units in IT service management. This management includes all resources from your business, employees, information and technology to value streams, processes, partners and suppliers.

To manage these units successfully, you need to know what you have. This is often the biggest challenge for companies. With our asset management, we guide you to the successful management of your units.


Inventory Management

With inventory management, you ensure operational continuity through full visibility of IT and non-IT assets in stock or in use. These can be contracts, hardware, software or other configuration items whose value is evaluated and a plan purchased with up-to-date information on all assets.


Our CMDB provides a complete repository to track all assets in the organisation, with a deep understanding of how they are connected. This allows you to easily identify critical assets and analyse the impact of incidents and changes.

Asset Lifecycle Management

With our Asset Lifecycle Management you manage and track all your company's assets in one overview, anywhere and at all stages - purchase, maintenance, depreciation or disposal. You get a timeline of all events at a glance in your web-based helpdesk solution.

Endpoint Security

The endpoint landscape is constantly changing, and businesses of all sizes are attractive targets for endpoint attacks. Endpoint security secures end-user devices such as mobile devices, laptops, desktop PCs and servers. It is about any device that is connected to your corporate network and is therefore an access point to the network.

Antivirus software and personal firewalls can be described as simple forms of endpoint security. End-to-end monitoring of packet transfers and "sealing" the entire network with firewall rules is absolutely not enough. Modern endpoint security uses more sophisticated methodologies. These include detection mechanisms that identify and block threatening actions and behaviour, either from end users or intruders.



Relatively small businesses may consider themselves secure with the basic requirements consisting of a firewall and an antivirus solution. But in the business world where the entire risk exists, it is important to take a more mature approach technologically. This is not to say that your endpoint security should be so complex that it makes the whole process impossible, but complex enough to stay secure.

The term "Endpoint Security" refers not only to traditional devices, but also to mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Networks refer not only to electronic interconnections and protocols between systems, but also to social connections between people, both inside and outside the boundaries of the organisation.

This means that there are different security requirements. With the increase in mobile threats and use of mobile devices, the need for effective endpoint security measures has increased accordingly.


Dilaco is working with ServiceNow’s IT Service Management tool to increase productivity and maintain new insights. Together with partners such as IBM and NTT, we continuously develop knowledge management and in-depth learning technologies into our services.


Dilaco cooperates with partners such as Econocom, IBM, LIIA, etc. in order to guarantee the best quality to you. Working with such large companies allows us to focus on customers or projects with supporting activities for the workplace, infrastructure and digital services within your company.

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