Corporate social responsibility and sustainability



It all starts with the composition of a motivated team that can work well together. Dilaco is looking for enthusiastic, driven and specialised people to join our team and finds it important to link trust and (creative) freedom to the job.


In addition to trust and freedom, Dilaco considers it necessary to invest in its employees by offering appropriate training for each service/specialty. This is important in order to continue to motivate the employee, but also in order to be able to continue to provide the customer with the best services and to allow them to evolve along with the new and efficient technologies.


Ecological Influence

Dilaco thinks of our planet. We encourage our employees to use digital technology in all their communications and to avoid the use of paper. As the management of a KPI company, we do not require our team members to work in the office if this is not necessary. We also encourage the use of shared transportation, public transportation, bicycles and electric vehicles. Finally, we participate in the circular economy through programs to refurbish and securely erase data on IT equipment so that the equipment can then be put back into use.

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