Microsoft PowerShell

Are you an Application Packager, administrator or just curious about how you can apply PowerShell in daily practice? This training is perfect for anyone who already works with PowerShell but wants to know all about the advanced techniques within PowerShell.


What to expect

Objective: The focus of this training is mainly on the command-line functions and techniques of PowerShell. These can be used in PowerShell scripts that can be used for example to manage App-V packages, Windows & Windows Server/SCCM 2012. In addition, you will learn to create and apply PowerShell scripts.

Content: Introduction Windows PowerShell, PowerShell Core Modules, PowerShell Console, PowerShell Cmdlet, PowerShell Aliases, PowerShell Parameters, Objects, and Formatting, PowerShell Providers, Windows and Windows Server Automation with Windows PowerShell, Perform management tasks on Windows & Windows Server, Microsoft App-V with Windows PowerShell, Managing Packages, Managing Connection Groups, Managing Publishing Servers, Create and apply PowerShell scripts, Objects, methods and properties, Working with Output, Syntax, Logical structure, Variables and Constants, Into the Loop, etc.

Duration: 2 days

Rate: €1.695 (excl. VAT)/participant

Course material: Dilaco Academy provides digital teaching materials which are presented on an extra screen during the training. You will also receive a training manual for reference.

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