Microsoft PowerShell Advanced

Are you an Application Packager, administrator or just curious about how you can apply PowerShell in daily practice? This training is perfect for anyone who already works with PowerShell but wants to know all about the advanced techniques within PowerShell.

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What to expect

Objective: The training offers you advanced skills to use Windows PowerShell to automate daily management tasks on the Windows Server 2012, Windows 7/8/10 and App-V 5 platform. You'll learn how to execute Windows tasks more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

Content: Powershell basics review (providers, pipeline, objects, formatting, filtering, loop, etc.), output, functions (modularization, extract values and objects, parameter validation, pipeline behaviour), arrays, hashtables, WMI and CIM deep dive, multithreading, managing jobs, security objectives, execution piolicy, code signing, building and designing of security Powershell, credentials, workflow, automation, remoting, WinRM overview, PSSessions, Invoke-Command, command parameterization, advanced remoting, regular expressions, purpose of Regex, Syntax, use of Regex, tips and tricks, re-use of an existing script, use of .NET classes, abstract Syntac Tree, etc.

Duration: 3 days

Rate: €1.995 (excl. VAT)/participant

Course material: Dilaco Academy provides digital teaching materials which are presented on an extra screen during the training. You will also receive a training manual for reference.

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