Microsoft MSIX

This training is provided by a professional trainer with extensive Packaging experience. So if you really want to learn Packaging, Testing and Distribution then this training is for you.


What to expect

Objective: The content of this training includes all the basic and advanced topics that will allow you to directly apply the full functionality of MSIX installer.

Content: Introduction, About MSIX licensing, Application Management, Windows Installer Essentials, What is Windows Installer and How does it work, Using MSIX installer, Graphical User Interface, Working with Projects, Installer Projects, Using MSIX installer (continued), Package Definition, Defining and using Requirements, End User Experience, Making System Changes, Advanced System Changes, Custom Behavior, Search, Custom Actions, Properties, Table Editor, Patch Projects, Update Configuration Projects, Windows Store App Project, Application Repackaging, Repackaging vs. import, Repackaging in VMs, UI Automation, Editing Capture Profiles, Working with Transforms, App-V Editor Project, Using Wizards, Application Testing, Package Validation (ICE), Testing your application, Package Deployment, SCCM Integration, Application Virtualization

Duration: 2 days

Rate: €1.695 (excl. VAT)/participant

Course material: Dilaco Academy provides digital teaching materials which are presented on an extra screen during the training. You will also receive a training manual for reference.

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