Ivanti Workspace (RES)

The focus of this training lies on Application Management and the execution of daily management tasks with the Ivanti Workspace. The subject matter and assignments are based on 'real life' experiences. With this training we offer you a very practical training in which not the 'tool' but your daily management challenges are central. Exactly as you can apply it in your own organization!

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What to expect

Objective: The content of this training includes all topics that will allow you to immediately use all necessary Ivanti Workspace functionalities. The emphasis is on managing and offering applications in daily practice.

Content: Ivanti workspace, What is workspace management, Ivanti Architecture, Installing Ivanti workspace, Installing the Ivanti workspace client, Workspace containers, Adding and publishing an application, Securing your environment, Prepare workstations for software distribution, Installing the App-V client, Adding and publishing App-V applications, Using time restrictions on your applications, Working with users setting, Adjusting the composer start screen(branding), Labs, Distributing applications, Working with Drive mappings, Working with Building blocks, Lockdown and Behavior, Working with, Administrative roles, Usage Tracking and Reporting, Web portal, CPU and Memory optimization

Duration: 5 days

Rate: €3.195 (excl. VAT)/participant

Course material: Dilaco Academy provides digital teaching materials which are presented on an extra screen during the training. You will also receive a training manual for reference.

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