Ivanti Fast-track (RES)

The five-day Ivanti Fast-track is a combination of the Ivanti Workspace and the Ivanti Automation training.


What to expect

Objective: The training is intended for people who want to quickly master the ins and outs of Ivanti Workspace and Automation. The training is fast paced and focuses on the most important elements of the standard training courses. In this way, it is possible to limit the eight-day training to a five-day course. This training is also an excellent preparation for the official exams.

Content: Ivanti workspace, What is workspace management, Ivanti Architecture, Installing Ivanti workspace, Installing the Ivanti workspace client, Workspace containers, Adding and publishing an application, Securing your environment, Prepare workstations for software distribution, Installing the App-V client, Adding and publishing App-V applications, Using time restrictions on your applications, Working with users setting, Adjusting the composer start screen(branding), Labs, Distributing applications, Working with Drive mappings, Working with Building blocks, Lockdown and Behavior, Working with Administrative roles, Usage Tracking and Reporting, Web portal, CPU and Memory optimization, Introduction of Ivanti Automation, About Ivanti Automation, Planning, Installing Ivanti Automation, Master caching, Task Automation and Resource Provisioning, Advanced: parameters, functions, conditions, evaluators, variables and Snapshot Intelligence, Administration and Integration, Labs.

Duration: 5 days

Rate: € 3.195 (excl. VAT)/participant

Course material: Dilaco Academy provides digital teaching materials which are presented on an extra screen during the training. You will also receive a training manual for reference.

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