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Today, IT organisations need to structure enormous amounts of data and applications with the aim of delivering added value for their users.

Application Management

A strategic approach to the optimization of your digitization process is absolutely necessary. Only in this way will you remain relevant and be able to focus on your core activities. Our application management services play an important role in reducing the Total Cost of Ownership. We guarantee that your business applications will run optimally and cost-efficiently.

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AppLabs Application Lifecycle Management Platform is a collection of crystallized processes and techniques that enable us to work very efficiently and quickly. Our knowledge and experience is shared and reused, resulting in a fast turnaround time, high quality and low costs. You decide which applications you outsource.

For example, only the basic applications, only the difficult ones or maybe all of them. All applications are always up-to-date, cyber security and compliance resistant. AppLabs can be seamlessly connected to your own service desk and software management environment.

Investment per application package

Investment per application per year

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AppLabs Off-site packaging models

Global Application Services

AppLabs Application Services provides Application Management around the world. Global packaging with Dutch quality.

Our [pay per app] -or- [pay per app per year] model enables your organization to minimize application downtime and maximize application security. So you can focus on your core business. Our flexible contract and credit model makes it possible to minimize your Time to Market with new application roll-outs. All our offerings come with a no-cure-no-pay guarantee, so your investment is safe and secure.

Dilaco Global Application Services

AI Ops

Big data analysis through a specialized platform like Splunk can lead to positive business related results, such as new revenue opportunities, better customer service, improved operational efficiency, advantages over competitors, etc.

AIOps helps you to organise your IT Operations by collecting and analyzing data, accelerating root cause analysis and automate remediation. By using this data, you can predict future events and solve problems before they occur. It thus enables your company to proactively manage resources and costs and even achieve dramatic cost savings.

Dilaco provides a scalable and reliable data platform for investigating, monitoring, analyzing and acting on your data.

Finance & Insurance

There is no doubt that financial companies should be able to guarantee the highest level of security to their users. Setting up a good fraud detection system to early identify criminals is an example of a huge challenge. For this purpose, financial companies need algorithms to detect and prevent any deviations in user behavior or ongoing work processes. Think, for example, of alerts for unusual financial purchases for a specific user or large cash withdrawals. A fraud detection system can block these actions until the customer confirms that this is correct.


Starbucks uses data on location, demographics, buying behavior, customer trends, etc. to predict future performance of potential new stores. This reduces the risk of opening a store in an unprofitable location and prevents store failure.

In addition, Starbucks uses customer data for marketing incentives and customer surveys. This results in the delivery of personalized products and offers and increased customer satisfaction.


Hospitals can identify individuals at increased risk of developing chronic conditions as early as possible in the progression of the disease. These hospitals can help patients to avoid long-term health problems very early. This usually reduces the cost for the patient and prevents difficult treatments.

Industry & Logistics

Big data can be measured from sensors connected to production equipment. This can result in early detection of equipment defects and avoid expensive repair costs that could shut down production.

Another example of big data analytics within logistics can be tracing and managing overhead and logistics at multiple locations. Accurately measuring certain costs of work floor tasks helps to reduce labor costs.

Public Sector

In order to avoid duplication of work within the government and to prevent citizens from filling in the same forms every time, pre-completed forms can be provided to speed up processing time and reduce errors in the collected information.

This can be achieved by storing the data in a central location, so that the various government agencies can easily extract the information from a shared pool.


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