Dilaco Lockers

The Dilaco Box serves as a service point for exchanging (IT) materials and automating your internal logistics. The locker scans each parcel and delivery and sends the recipient a message. Employees can thus easily send and return business and private parcels contactlessly.


24/7 service desk



Smart lockers are an innovative combination of flexible storage space and connected technology.

Receptionists or other colleagues are no longer disturbed by receiving packages and can therefore focus on their own work. In addition, the lockers are accessible 24/7 for (IT) materials for employees and customers.


Customised lockers

Smartlockers - Optie 1



The Dilaco box comes in a standard size of 100cm wide x 200cm high x 45cm deep. You decide exactly how many boxes you require and how many lockers you want within each box. We will discuss with you what the lockers should be used for (for example, printers, laptops, computers, and others).

For the look of your locker cabinet, you can go for our Dilaco look or for a personalised look that fits within the framework of your company. Our designers will be happy to work with the right material, the right design and the right colour, so that your lockers fit well into the organisation.

The advantages of Dilaco Lockers



  • Simple and effective
  • Undisturbed
  • Contactless delivery and collection with scan code
  • Digital proof of delivery
  • Digital proof of delivery
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Time saving for everyone

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