Internet Information Services

Advanced Installer offers a fast and uniform installation of your web applications on multiple servers without the need to manually configure IIS on every machine. Since it provides a tight Windows Installer integration it enables you to dynamically configure IIS settings through Formatted fields, Properties, Conditions, Installer User Interface. IIS servers from versions 5, 6 and 7 up to the latest 8 version are supported.

Exclusive Features

Features exclusive to Advanced Installer:

  • Web Deploy Packages
  • Publish Web Applications to IIS and Microsoft Azure from installers using Microsoft Web Deploy
  • Import your Web Applications
  • Quickly configure web sites, virtual directories and application pools by importing directly from your working configurations
  • Application Pools
  • Assign specific configuration settings to a worker process (or processes) that services a group of applications
  • Full customization of your Application Pools
  • This unique feature of Advanced Installer lets you customize every aspect of your Application Pool's functionality
  • Browse Web Sites, Virtual Directories and Application Pools
  • Help your users to easily pick target web sites, virtual directories and application pools by showing an User Interface list with what is available

Configure IIS

A large palette of IIS settings and features that can be configured through Advanced Installer.

  • Virtual Directories
  • Configure and deploy Virtual Directories, associate a Web Application
  • Configure IIS server
  • Configure the IIS server, backup the metabase, open the Management Console, FastCgi Applications, etc
  • User Accounts integration
  • Configure anonymous access for IIS or authentication fully integrated with the User Accounts functionality (both for web applications and pools)
  • XML Updates
  • Deploy and Update "web.config" files for advanced configuration options
  • HTTPS/SSL configuration
  • Configure HTTPS/SSL parameters for websites: bindings, digital certificates and options
  • ASP.NET registration
  • Register your ASP.NET (.NET 2.0/4.0) web application with IIS 7/7.5 or IIS 5/6. Registration from IIS 8/8.5 onwards is performed automatically when enabling the corresponding ASP.NET Windows Feature.
  • Additional customizations
  • Configure ISAPI filters
  • Configure MIME settings
  • Configure Application Mappings
  • Configure Default Documents
  • Configure HTTP Response Headers
  • Configure custom HTTP Error Pages
  • Enable FTP access for your applications
  • Configure Custom Properties (Available from IIS 7, in addition to the previously mentioned dedicated UI features, custom properties help you modify the majority of IIS attributes/collections.)

Additional Features

These features complete your server configuration needs. Even if they are not IIS specific they can be used together with IIS in order to offer a versatile configuration capability: SQL Databases, Assemblies, Windows Firewall, Control Panel Applets, Windows Services, Web Applications Prerequisites.